Marco Passaquindici,


Marco started his journey with e-commerce starting Vibedration Hydration packs in 2014. He was able to start a band from 0 and scale it to reach millions of people. In 2018 he sold his share of the globally recognized 7 figure brand. Having grown up in southern California around water sports, he realized, there are many older wholesale brands that are disconnected from how e-commerce. Kanaga Creative was born to bridge the gap between ancient ways of doing business and the modern era.

Colton Dobson,


Colton founded his first company in 2013, called Flexz Fitness. He started the brand in a garage--with organic social media penetration--and by 2016 was doing over 1mm / year in revenue on Amazon. Colton sold the company in late 2016 and started another massive success called Round Towel company. The towels were quickly picked up by the largest big box retailers in the United States, and produced revenue in the 7 figures. In the beginning of 2018, he sold Round Towel co. to a private equity group with global distributors. Going to CSULB with Marco, the two spotted the opportunity to help revive dying action sports brands.


K9 in Chief

We love to give back. We rescued a bulldog named “chesty" from an animal shelter in LA. He was too aggressive for his past 3 owners. The success of our rescue allowed us to partner with the shelter and we plan to help out more animals in the future.